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How long should I best run my campaign at TrustDeals?

How long should I best run my campaign at TrustDeals?

Thanks for considering running a campaign with TrustDeals. We totally get how important it is to plan the duration just right for that sweet success and impact on your marketing goals. So, we've got your back with some tips to help you nail the perfect duration!

Now, the optimal campaign length on TrustDeals can vary, depending on what you're promoting, who you're targeting, and your specific objectives. But based on some industry insights and best practices, we've got some handy guidelines for you:

1. Short-Term Campaigns (2-4 days): Short-term campaigns typically last between two to four days. These campaigns are like quick sprints; effective for creating a sense of urgency among consumers and encouraging immediate action. Perfect for events tied to specific holidays or special occasions when you want to pump up the excitement and get those speedy clicks.

2. Mid-Term Campaigns (2-4 Weeks): Mid-term campaigns typically run for a few weeks. These campaigns strike a balance between creating urgency and allowing ample time for consumers to discover and engage with your promotion. They are great for promotions that require more time for consideration and decision-making, such as product launches or seasonal offers.

3. Long-Term Campaigns (1 Month or More): Long-term campaigns extend beyond four weeks and can last for a month or even longer, like a whole season. These campaigns are perfect for building brand awareness, fostering customer loyalty, and driving sustained interest in your products or services. Long-term promotions can be effective for brand-building initiatives, ongoing discounts like a welcoming offer, or loyalty programs. 

Keep in mind, these are just general tips. It's super important to sync up the campaign duration with your specific goals and what your audience digs. Don't forget to keep tabs on how things are going. Regularly monitoring the performance on TrustDeals lets you see what's working like magic and where you can sprinkle some extra sparkle.