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What happens if I do not have an active coupon or deal live?

What happens if I do not have an active coupon or deal live?

While having active codes is great for enticing our users with fresh deals, we understand that promotions may change over time. Rest assured, your brand page will continue to provide the following valuable options to our savvy shoppers:

1. Relevant Brand Information: We see it as our job to offer consumers relevant and accurate info, so we put in a good amount of effort to create content about your brand. This content will remain live to make sure consumers are able to find relevant details about your brand.

2. Constant Deals and Savings Opportunities: Your brand page will feature constant deals and ways to save money. These may include student deals, new client offers, or any ongoing promotions that our users can take advantage of.

3. Past Codes That Worked: Even if you don't have current active codes, your brand page will display codes that have worked in the past. These successful expired codes can still benefit our users who might want to try them out.

If you have any new promotions or deals in the future, just follow our simple process to add them to your brand page at TrustDeals. Thank you for being a valued partner on TrustDeals. Your brand page is an essential part of our platform, and we appreciate the value you bring to our users with your offers, past and present.