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What do the different colors mean?

What do the different colors mean?

At TrustDeals, we use a color-coded system to rank deals and coupons, making it easier for our users to identify and choose the very best offers. 


When a consumer spots a deal or coupon in blue, that means it's a discount code! These codes can be applied at the checkout of the respective online store to receive a specific percentage or amount off the purchase.


Deals in vibrant orange are those special offers or promotions. No need to enter a code – the user just hits that "Get Discount" button, and they'll be redirected to the merchant's website. The discount gets applied automatically as they shop.


Pink-colored codes are unique and exciting! These are codes that have been proven to work at other similar webshops. While we can't guarantee their success, they present an opportunity to "try your luck" and potentially score additional savings.


Now, we're going a bit nostalgic with grey! Codes in grey are from the past, and they used to work like a charm. Although they might not be valid anymore, we keep them around for reference, so the user can check out past deals and promotions.